Squash the Bugs

Debug the code

Squash some bugs and showcase your coding prowess! Dive into our code snippets, identify the bugs lurking within, and apply your programming wizardry to squash them into oblivion. Every bug fix brings you one step closer to the top of the scoreboard and ultimate glory. Prizes await the top bug squashers, but the real reward lies in the satisfaction of overcoming challenges and mastering the art of debugging.

  • Eligibility: College/University Students; Individual Participant Only
  • Main Event: Time duration - 1 hr for each slot (if huge participation)
  • Any number of participant, individuals only
  • Code snippets will be provided and participants will have to find the errors/bugs and fix them
  • Most probably on system, any online platform, but may change
  • Basic editing including color correction, filters, and cropping are allowed, provided it does not affect the genuineness of the photograph(s).
  • The use of advanced editing to create deceptions, illusions, or manipulate images is strictly prohibited. Any such case will lead to the disqualification of the participant.
  • The participant must follow the official Instagram account (@ducsofficial).
  • Participants are required to share their account details through a form for transfer of prize money to winners.

Date: April 20th, 2024

Time: 05:30 AM (Tentative)

Location: LAB2 (Tentative)